DG Asturias SL

D.G. Asturias has been focused for more than 20 years on specifc earth trade business mainly in Spain used on a large variety of fields, from iron smelting to water or gas treatment, cat litter, oil filtering or winemaking.

DG. Asturias S.L. works with the highest quality products under ISO regulations

Our scope is mainly Spain with a portfolio of more than one hundred customers from diferent business areas and going beyond

Our main objective is providing a high detailed and customized service to the customer whatever their comsumption volumes are. To achieve this, DG Asturias has consolidated and long term relationships with logistic companies, offering storage options for fast deliveries in lower volumes

Our delivery is always supported by Quality certifications coming from our providers

The company offers costumized payment options to meet all the customer needs

Our slogan is: Seriousness, Solvency and Customer care


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